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-eur means doer.
WE do exhibits better.

we are industry experts who believe in turning our clients into exhibit ninjas

who can navigate trade shows with precision, composure, and excellence.

exhibiteur Aaron Bartelt trade show expert


As an industry veteran, Aaron has been known as the go-to guy to get things done and help reduce stress for clients, vendors and co-workers for over 15 years. This passion continues to this day. And his jack-of-all-trades personality brings the versatility exhibiteur's clients really need.


Aaron loves to spend time with his family - his wife and four kids. A teenage daughter and three young boys keep him busy. But he also enjoys cooking, reading and chess.



Niki brings creative problem solving, big picture planning and attention to detail to exhibiteur. Her background as an account management miracle worker and strategy guru ensures clients they are covered from start to finish. And her type-A personality promises high standards.


As a small business owner and mom to four kids, Niki's free time is, But she loves reading, podcasts, photography, video production and going on dates with Aaron.

Our Core Values

We know we can't execute for our clients if we don't have our feet

firmly planted in who we are and what we believe.


We do exhibit work really really well. And this is why.

Exhibiteur core values for trade show industry
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Work in the exhibit industry is complicated,
but we believe it doesn't have to be stressful.

  • We pioneer solutions that help exhibitors win.
  • We use our decades of industry experience to save our clients time and money.
  • We leverage our hatred of mediocrity to help our clients build successful exhibiting programs.
  • We do it because you deserve the freedom to work in your sweet spot. Alongside a team working in theirs. This crushes the stress associated with exhibiting.
Never be lazy in business, work hard and serve the Lord.
Romans 12:11