Strat Ops Consulting

crafting plans that increase profits & morale

Day-to-day work that drives toward big picture goals


Strat Ops Consulting

Guiding exhibit houses in crafting plans that increase profits & morale.

Ensuring day-to-day work drives toward big picture goals.


We understand how exhibit houses should operate
and have the industry insight to help you get there.


Address specific pain points.

  • Fresh perspective on operational pain points
  • Creative solutions

Ideal For: Exhibit houses who need to jumpstart a culture change or process issues.


Collaborate to craft a plan and stay on track with built-in accountability.

  • Partner in addressing strategic goals and implementing improvements
  • Needs and budget determine how often you meet

Ideal For: Exhibit houses who have a vision for creating the best culture for their team and results for clients.

Sound interesting?
Let's talk!

How does it work?

1 - Schedule a Discovery Call

We'll ask you some questions to determine what kind of scalable solution would work best for you.

2 - Solution Proposal

You receive a tailored One-Time or Ongoing Solution - including details on costs and process.

3 - Plan Crafting

Collaboration begins. We learn about you and where you want to be.

4 - Plan Implementation

Get to work on easy to implement steps to make changes that move you forward toward your goals.


with industry experts in your corner