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We'll help you take the complexity out of operating an exhibit house. With our on-demand talent and strat ops consulting services, you can focus on growing a strong organization.

Work in the exhibit industry is complicated, but it doesn't have to be stressful.

  • We're industry experts pioneering solutions that help exhibit houses win.
  • We use our decades of industry experience to save you time and money.
  • We leverage our know-how and hatred of mediocrity to help you build more success.
  • We do it because you deserve the freedom to work in your sweet spot. Alongside a team who are working in theirs.


For over a decade, Aaron's clients, colleagues and vendors have come to know him as the go-to guy for getting things done. The buck has always stopped with him.


He started exhibiteur because he wanted to impact the industry through conquering complexity in custom operations to help exhibit houses win.


Aaron loves to spend time with his family. Enjoys cooking, bourbon tasting and playing chess. He is a Dave Ramsey enthusiast and has coordinated Financial Peace University at a local church. He loves teaching people, especially when they have a “lightbulb moment” which is a big part of his passion at exhibiteur.

Helping exhibit houses scale

with on-demand talent and consulting.